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Neighborhood Longhorns Program

Help us continue to provide opportunities to motivate students to reach their potential. By donating, you can ensure that the NLP will continue to expose children to the college environment through the various events the students can attend. Moreover, you will assist in encouraging students to excel in the classroom by funding scholarships that we give to students who meet the high expectations of the Neighborhood Longhorns Program.

The Neighborhood Longhorns Program relies on the unrestricted operating support garnered through the appeal.

Click here if you wish to donate.

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The Neighborhood Longhorns Program has truly inspired our Andrews Gators to want to grow up to be UT Longhorns. Since many of our students will be the first in their families to attend college, being able to see themselves at UT in the future is the first step toward fulfilling this dream. Without first hand experiences at UT that our students have had through the NLP, they wouldn't be able to visualize this bright future. We are grateful for the opportunity that NLP gives to us!

Laurie Barber, Principal
Andrews Elementary